Jake Paul explains why his "toxic" relationship with Erika Costell had to end

27 November 2018, 12:20

jake paul erika breakup
Picture: YouTube: Jake Paul
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Has the truth behind Jerika finally been revealed?

Jake Paul has opened up about the turmoil behind his breakup with fellow creator Erika Costell.

Jake and Erika has presented a united front and seemingly happy relationship during Shane's Dawson's documentary about Jake, but unexpectedly broke up shortly after the final episode went live.

Now, in a new documentary series of his own (how original), Jake has finally given his side of the story. He paints a picture of a fraught relationship with constant fighting (although what they're fighting about is never super clear).

Jake says he resents the way, in Shane's doc, Erika made it seem like she was 'the only good thing in his life'. He says that their relationship recently grew "toxic".

Jake says he had "never had emotions or feelings" for someone in the way he did for Erika. He says that the fact their relationship was intertwined with their business life made things complicated.

When the time came for the pair to part ways, Jake says "my heart instantly shattered. It makes me want to cry just thinking about it." Ultimately he said that they had to separate because things had got "so toxic" and they were "tearing each other down".

Watch the full video below: