Is Team 10 Over?

9 May 2018, 11:24 | Updated: 9 May 2018, 15:24

Team 10
Team 10. Picture: Team 10

By Josh Lee

With multiple walk-outs, continuous negative press and a shortage of new members, is Jake Paul's social media squad in trouble?

It's been a rough week for Jake Paul. On May 5th, Team 10's Chief Operations Officer and high-profile YouTube personality Nick Crompton announced he was quitting the group. Just two days later, Chance Sutton - Jake Paul's childhood friend, no less - announced he was following suit. That same day, Team 10's Head of Engineering Drake Rehfeld threw in the towel too.

The response to Nick's departure was swift and authoritative. In a statement shared to Twitter on the day he announced he was quitting, Team 10 said, "When members of an organisation are focused on themselves and not the greater good of the team, there will undoubtably be a disconnect. When our team reaches an impasse like that with individuals who no longer support the team vision, they must be removed so Team 10 can continue to thrive, support the fans, and foster the loyalty that keeps our community so powerful."

Talk of "loyalty" might be effective when a single staffer decides to leave, but when three key members of Team 10's operation decide to leave the party in the space of two days, it's reasonable to believe something else might be afoot.

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So why do people keep leaving Team 10?

According to reports, changes at the top of Team 10 could explain why members are dropping like flies - and why there may be more departures still to come. After a conversation with a former Team 10 staffer whose identity was protected for legal reasons, Keemstar, who runs YouTube news channel Drama Alert, reported that Jake's father Greg Paul has gained serious influence over Team 10's inner workings, and is making unpopular decisions with his new power.

According to Keem, Greg has "taken over Jake Paul and Logan Paul's business, and he's planning to do a merger with the two." As part of this, Greg reportedly conducted an audit of both businesses, which has resulted in a number of behind-the-scenes staff members getting fired.

"But here's the thing," Keem reports. "Nick Crompton hired these people and worked with them every day. So once they got fired, Nick Crompton himself just quit and left the company."

Nick Crompton's departure, it's been reported, has sparked something of a domino effect within Team 10's ranks. According to the former staffer who spoke to Keem, Nick's departure caused Chance Sutton to leave, and more could follow suit.

"What I'm being told," Keem reports, "is that Kade [Speiser] is also planning on leaving Team 10, and his brother Nathan" too.

What do we know about Jake's dad Greg Paul?

Greg has featured in a number of Jake and Logan Paul's videos over the years, and has his own substantial presence on Instagram. He was most recently seen coming to Logan's defence following the suicide forest controversy.

So is Team 10 over?

With three major players already out the door, and a possible two more to follow, it's easy to assume Team 10 is in terminal decline. But it might not be so simple. Team 10 has survived departures before, and under murkier circumstances too. In June 2017, Alyssa Violet claimed she was fired from Team 10 after ending a romantic relationship with Jake, and four months later Ivan and Emilio Martinez claimed that they left Team 10 due to bullying from Jake Paul. Tessa Brooks quit Team 10 in January this year, claiming that "things just aren't how they used to be," and that Team 10 may not have loved her as much as she "loved being a part of it." Like Nick and Chance, Tessa experienced a culture change of sorts in Team 10.

Having survived so many high-profile losses, it's hard to imagine that Team 10 couldn't continue to exist in some form, even after this most recent spate of walk-outs. But as Jake continues to generate negative press, it could become difficult to replenish numbers with serious creators; the fact that Jake's most recent Team 10 recruit is a six-year-old, not to mention his recent collaborations with 9-year-old internet anomaly Lil' Tay, suggests that the talent barrel is being well and truly scraped. Team 10 may survive, but with flagship members continuing to drop off, its influence probably won't recover.

The past couple of years have been a wild ride for Jake Paul. From being named one of the most important young musicians in the world in 2017, to sharing a somewhat desperate video of himself impersonating the Yodelling Walmart Kid just a few months later, it appears that somewhere along the line Jake stopped being the man who sets internet trends, and became the man who follows them. The transient nature of YouTube means that any creator is at risk of suffering the same fate, but the nature of Jake's social presence leaves him especially vulnerable - people get tired of noise and controversy, eventually.

It's too early to say for sure whether or not Team 10 is on its last legs, but with the Team 10 tour starting on May 22nd, the next few weeks will surely bring clarity to that question. Will more members leave? Will former members begin to speak publicly about these supposed changes at the top? Will the tour sell enough tickets to be viable? These are the coming challenges Team 10 will have to navigate and survive. If not, there's a good chance it might not be Everyday Bro for much longer.