Jake Paul Just Opened Up About His Dad's New Role In Team 10

14 May 2018, 15:13

Jake and Greg Paul
Jake and Greg Paul. Picture: Other

By Josh Lee

Jake Paul has spoken out about his father Greg's new role in Team 10.

Reports that Greg Paul had become an influential figure on the business side of the social media group have been circulating for a few weeks, with an anonymous source claiming just last week that he was behind a number of controversial sackings just last week. While Greg and Jake had initially not responded to these reports, Jake finally spoke about the matter after Nick Crompton publicly accused Greg of verbally abusing staff and firing people without warning.

Speaking in a vlog, Jake explained why Greg's prominence within Team 10 had grown

Acknowledging that Greg's presence was partly responsible for "friction in the [Team 10] family," Jake revealed that he was encouraged to bring Greg on board by a group of business advisors.

"A couple of them [advisors] advised me to bring somebody on into my corner, who wholeheartedly wanted nothing else but to protect me, who didn't care about my money, who I could 100% trust no matter what," Jake explains in his vlog. "The only person I could think of... was my dad."

Clarifying that his dad isn't running his business, Jake said Greg's role was to "look over the shoulders of other people who were in my businesses, who I'm entrusting to run my businesses."

Jake went on to say that while growing his business, he's needed to be aware of people "possibly doing things that I as a person don't necessarily agree with," hinting at some conflict within Team 10.

Watch Jake talk about his dad's role in Team 10 below: