James Charles makes his first public appearance since feud with Tati Westbrook

16 May 2019, 16:16

James Charles Met Gala.
James Charles Met Gala. Picture: Getty/Instagram:@jamescharles

By Jazmin Duribe

This is incredibly uncomfortable to watch...

James Charles has been seen for the first time since his feud with Tati Westbrook started. The YouTuber has been in hiding since his ex-BFF posted a video exposing him for "manipulating" straight men, taking a supplement deal from her company's rival brand and making up lies about her.

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James has been pretty much cancelled since then and his subscriber count has taken a huge hit, whilst only Nikita Dragun and Gabriel Zamora have been attempting to defend him.

James has remained silent about the claims made by other straight men against him, only sharing an apology video in response to Tati's allegations.

In a new video, James stepped out for the first time at Brisbane airport in Australia, where he is currently touring.

James was surrounded by security and he looked terribly sad as he raced through the airport in his Sisters Apparel hoodie and a denim jacket, trying to remain undetected. Sadly, it didn't work and James was hounded by the press who took photos and videos of him.

And his low mood didn't seem to bother the cameramen one bit as they grilled him whilst he tried to make his escape. "Do you sexually harass straight men, James?" the cameraman asked. "Is your tour going to continue, James?"


Yeah, it's pretty awkward to watch, and James did not utter a single word in response to the questions. He was then whisked away in a black van, never to be seen or heard from again…

Well, until he opens a pop-up store on his world tour.