James Charles tears up in 8 minute apology video to Tati Westbrook

11 May 2019, 11:15 | Updated: 18 May 2019, 19:02

James Charles releases an apology video in response to Tati Westbrook
James Charles releases an apology video in response to Tati Westbrook. Picture: James Charles via Instagram

In the video, James addresses Tati's comments that he "manipulates people's sexuality."

James Charles has uploaded an apology video in response to Tati Westbrook's (Glamlifeguru) brutal 43 minute video exposing him.

The video, that was uploaded a few hours after Tati's on May 10, has been seen by 5 million people and has already been given 575k thumbs down.

In the 8 minute video, James apologises to Tati and her husband James. He says he's disappointed that he's let down those who look up to him as a role model and those who he looks up to. He also doubles down on his two previous explanations about the Coachella situation and the brand deal with the vitamins.

He also confirms that Tati spoke with him honestly about how that looked from the outside and warned him that it could get him in trouble one day.

He also brings up Tati's comments about his mother and asks his mum to stop commenting on his business. In Tati's video, she called James' mum, Christie, out by name and told her that she "need to be not on Instagram, [she needs] to be here in LA because [her] boys need [her]."

Watch the full video below: