James Charles Is Feuding With Another Beauty YouTuber Over Netflix Documentary

28 September 2018, 17:22

James charles marlena stell
James charles marlena stell. Picture: Instagrams

By Chandni Sembhi

Netflix is making a documentary about the beauty industry... and all the drama that comes with it.

Netflix has announced it's making a documentary about the beauty industry, but the news has not gone down well with James Charles.

This all started when, in a video with fellow beauty YouTuber Tati, James Charles said that he was working on a beauty industry documentary with Netflix, but eventually the whole thing was cancelled. The documentary was going to focus on the problems within the industry, and why everyone is to blame, not just a select few people.

Then yesterday, this happened...

It seems like Netflix has taken what they were going to do with James and offered it to Makeup Geek Cosmetics CEO and YouTuber Marlena Stell. James was NOT happy. He then tweeted this:

Marlena then defended herself and said she would love to get James' input and opinions.

But then, things turned ugly, and Marlena hinted that she was chosen for the documentary because she had more experience, and views from both influencer and brand owner sides.

James then seemingly ended the beef with this shady tweet:

But, it turns out there is more to the story.

A little while ago, Marlena made a video about her truth on the beauty community, saying that there are certain influencers who charge what she thinks is extortionate amounts of money, like $60k, for sponsorships, which smaller businesses can't afford. Some influencers (James being one of them) tried to justify this by saying the profits the company will make from their sponsorships or endorsements balance out the costs. People speculated that James was one of these influencers charging $60k, and so one fan came to Marlena's defence, saying this:

To which Marlena replied:

This isn't a direct reply, but a couple of hours after that was tweeted, Marlena tweeted a Chaucer quote saying 'The guilty think all talk is of themselves'. Suspicious.

What does this mean? Is she saying James is guilty? If so, what did he do? Is it about him charging too much money? Did he do something to Netflix to make them drop him for the documentary?

Either way, tea has been SPILLED, and we want to know MORE.

James then cleared it all up with these tweets, saying he's open to discussion, and would like to share his side of the story so that the documentary isn't biased, like he thought her 'my truth' video was.

What do you think about all of this? Are you on James' or Marlena's sides, or do you think they're both in the wrong? What does Marlena mean by her tweet? Let us know!