James Charles wore a thong to Coachella and everyone is losing it

15 April 2019, 17:16

james charles coachella thong
Picture: Instagram: James Charles

James Charles went for an outfit that was even more cheeky than last year

James Charles was one of the many YouTubers to hit Coachella 2019 - and hit in style. As is tradition for celebs, James prepared some spectacular outfits for the occasion, which were both imaginative and left little to the imagination.

James Charles "confirms" he will be performing at Coachella

James attracted a lot of attention in 2018 with a series of eye-grabbing outfits, which generally revealed more of his sister south than perhaps people were expecting. With the latest Coachella approaching, James decided to see if he could top his efforts with some even more audacious efforts this year - and it's safe to say he succeeded.

Here's his 2018 lewks, to refresh your memory:

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Those were his looks from 2018, now let's jump to 2019.

Day One.

On day one, James sported a black number with sparkly legs. In our professional fashion opinion - this is definitely a fashion.

Day Two.

On day two the sun was out - so, scientifically, it follows, that if the sun's out, the buns must also be out. James agreed with this analysis.

Day Three.

For the third day, James kept things peachy, with a yeehaw-inspired outfit that would make Lil Nas X himself proud.

Fans were pretty gagged by James' trio of outfits and took to social media announce it.

It's just like they say - when in doubt, whip your entire arse out.

What's that? No one says that? Well maybe they should. Maybe we should all start saying it. #WhipYourEntireArseOut2K19