James Charles responds to Gage Gomez sexual harassment accusations

7 May 2019, 12:21

james charles gage gomez response
Picture: Instagram: Gage Gomez / Instagram: James Charles
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

James has finally responded

James Charles has posted a response to a series of accusations made by model Gage Gomez, who attended this year's Coachella with James.

A fan snapped a picture of the pair of them together at the event, leading many fans to speculate that they were an item. However, James responded to a fan who inquired about with a (now deleted) tweet that read:

“nope unfortunately i am still very single. this boy played me for months on end and is a disgusting con artist. I’m thankful I had my friends with me to protect me.”

In response to this, Gage made a YouTube channel, where he posted two videos discussing the drama. In the longer of the two, entitled "what really went down between me and james charles", he said:

“There was a tweet made about me, and it was slanderous … and skewed from the truth. And the person who made this tweet obviously realized that. And maybe if they didn’t realize … that they understood that it was aggressive and maybe the wrong thing to do. And they deleted it … I’m not sure if everyone knows that it was deleted, but it was."

Now James has responded

In a lengthy statement posted to his social media accounts, James disagreed with Gage's accusations and stated that he felt Gomez had misled him. James stops short of condemning Gage, who he never actually names (though it is clearly about him), but states that he was very hurt by his actions. James disputes Gomez's statements that James deliberately ignored the fact he was straight, saying that Gage told James that he:

"wanted to continue to explore his sexuality."

And emphasising that any suggestion that he pressured Gage to act against his will is:

"a blatant LIE... I would never, have never and WILL NEVER pressure a guy to do anything."

However, James also says that he was "completely wrong" to call Gage a "con artist" and says he takes "full responsibility" for this earlier tweets and says that he has "apologised to this person in private" (for his tweets).

Ultimately he says doesn't wish Gage "any negativity. At all."

We'll let you know if Gage responds to James' statement.