James Charles' new video got demonetised for the dumbest reason

6 March 2019, 17:41

james charles demonetised
Picture: James Charles
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

YouTube is just making up the rules as they go along at this point

One of James Charles' new videos has been demonetised for a truly bizarre reason.

We all know that YouTube can be pretty trigger-happy when it comes to demonetising videos that contain copyrighted music - but have you ever heard of a video copyright strike when it contains... no actual music?

This is the bizarre situation that young James seems to have found himself in.

James posted a video called "Singing My Makeup Routine" in which he shows off his famous pipes while putting on his makeup. He changes the words to famous songs to fit the makeup that he's putting on - demonstrating makeup skills, music skills and improv skills - a triple threat, honey.

The bizarre thing, from a copyright perspective, is that James is literally doing jokey covers of these songs - he's not playing the originals, or even using the real lyrics. And yet he has found himself at the receiving end of a copyright strike from a music label that has left his video demonetised.

In a (now deleted tweet) James said:

"I disputed the claim from @WarnerChappell @kobalt @BMG with valid reasoning because the use falls under PARODY LAW & they declined it, of course because they want the $. The issue is now if I dispute it AGAIN, there is no 3rd party to decide who's right, THE LABEL GETS TO CHOOSE".

james charles twitter
Picture: Twitter: James Charles

It certainly seems like an unprecedentedly harsh use of the copyright strike system, and we'll have to wait and see if James is able to restore his video.