James Charles breaks silence on his friendship with the Dolan Twins

20 May 2019, 11:54

James Charles YouTube/Dolan Twins selfie
James Charles YouTube/Dolan Twins selfie. Picture: YouTube: James Charles/Instagram:@dolantwins

By Jazmin Duribe

Remember when your weekends weren't filled with YouTube drama? Nope, we don't either.

Last week, James Charles and Tati Westbrook became embroiled in a HUGE YouTube scandal and now it has spilled into this week. On Saturday (May 18), James Charles dropped a 41-minute video titled "No More Lies" in an attempt to address the "misinformation" that has been spread about him.

The Sister Squad appear to have broken up amid James Charles drama

Tati made a number of allegations against him, including that he had "manipulated" straight men into believing they were gay.

In the video, James Charles confirmed all the interactions he's had have been consensual after a number of boys attempted to expose him with DMs he had allegedly sent to them.

Check the video out here.

The drama spread throughout the YouTube community and the internet, which led to a lot of James' friends turning on him, including Jeffree Star.

In the middle of it all, the seemingly closest people to James, the infamous Sister Squad, also cut ties with him. The Sister Squad (Emma Chamerlain, Ethan Dolan and Grayson Dolan) were thick as thieves before the drama imploded, and they regularly featured on each other's channels.

However, people started speculating that the foursome were over. First, they had not been pictured together since Christmas 2018. Emma and The Dolan Twins also all hung out at Coachella – without James. And following the allegations against James, all three unfollowed him on Instagram seemingly ending their friendship.

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James cleared that all up in his video, after Jeffree sent him a message threatening that Grayson was going to expose him for making him feel "uncomfortable" for months.

"As disgusting as it is, bringing up Grayson Dolan was pretty clever," he explained. "At the height of all these allegations and stories around, both of the twins unfollowed me not wanting to be associated, and fans started speculating that the rumours could be as to why.

"Too bad that apart from our pre-planned collaborative jokes that happened in the Sister Squad videos of me and Grayson flirting, nothing ever happened between us and when all this went down I knew Jeffree was lying because the twins were two of the first people to call me and make sure I was okay."


So, there you have it. James and the Dolan Twins are still cool. And whilst he didn't explain what's the tea on his friendship with Emma, the Sister Squad seems to be getting back on track.