Someone photoshopped a beard onto James Charles and the internet is divided

24 July 2019, 17:30

James Charles
James Charles. Picture: Twitter: @ATrueSisterStan

By Staff

You won't be able to unsee this...

Have you ever wondered what James Charles would look like with facial hair? Well, just in case you have, it looks like today is your lucky day.

The internet is equal parts confused and intrigued at a new set of photos going around that on first glance seem as though James Charles has grown a full-on moustache and beard.

But for anyone wondering how the addition of facial hair would affect his make-up tutorials, don’t fear - the photos are actually fake and made by a Twitter user called @ATrueSisterStan.

Like the rest of us, it seems James Charles himself has mixed feelings about the images. After retweeting the photos, he commented: “umm I’m not really sure how I feel about this”.

YouTubers have been weighing in on the new ‘look’ as well. Manny MUA said: “Okay but the one with the fangs…”, while Joey Graceffa simply wrote: “NO”.

Lots of fans seem to be into the look though.

One wrote: “The last picture scares me because it actually looks really good #sistershook”. Another said: “kinda sexy ngl” and another chimed in with: “matching your foundation to your neck wouldnt be so much of a problem”.

Although James seems not a fan of the beard for now, he did tweet about how having one would be “cute” back in 2017, saying: “I wish I could grow a beard I feel like I'd be cute with one low key”.

Not gonna lie, we actually think he looks pretty great…