James Charles claps back at the "conspiracy" about his new palette

7 November 2018, 11:49 | Updated: 14 November 2018, 12:09

james charles swatches conspiracy
Picture: Instagram: James Charles
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

James took to Instagram to try and end the rumours about the "fake swatches" in the video.

James Charles has taken to Instagram to try and debunk what he calls a "conspiracy theory" about a recent video he did about his new makeup palette.

After posting a video about his new Morphe eyeshadow palette, James was accused of doing 'double swatches' to make his palette look better than it actually is. Fans started calling him out, and pin pointing specific moments in the video that showed James putting a swatch over another swatch. To this accusation James said, on his Instagram story:

"I thought we would do some swatches of the palette today just to show you how bomb it is but also because some people seem to think there is a conspiracy theory about me trying to hide double swatches that I did in the video. I did do double swatches in the video, if I did I would trying to hide them I would have done a lot better editing them out. I stutter a lot when I speak and had to redo a lot of takes and some of the swatches just sucked so I wanted to do it better."

James went on to say:

"Just to clear up any conspiracies or any drama, I worked way too hard on this palette to have anything being thrown around, I thought I would do some live swatches here on Instagram stories - no editing, no cuts, so you guys can see how these shadows truly perform and how bomb they really are."

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