People Are Dressing Up As James Charles' "Flashback Mary" And It’s HILARIOUS

25 September 2018, 14:47

James Charles Flashback Mary
Picture: James Charles YouTube / @_dolanvibes_ / @_ninni2001_

By Chandni Sembhi

James Charles' most iconic look is making a comeback, and fans are using it as inspiration for 'meme day' costumes.

If you've ever been on the internet, you're probably familiar with James Charles. The beauty YouTuber and MUA has served some truly iconic looks in the past but none more iconic than "Flashback Mary". At an event in March 2017, James turned up to pose with fans for photos with FAR too much setting powder on... and a meme was BORN.

Yes, the photo that created the meme was edited to make the flashback more intense but the unedited photo is just as iconic.


The meme has now resurfaced, thanks to people needing costumes for Halloween and 'meme days' (because that's now a thing in America, apparently) and fans are looking back on the iconic photo for inspiration through rose/ghost-tinted glasses.


Would you ever dress up as Flashback Mary? If you're interested, James has uploaded a video tutorial which you can watch below.