James Charles has officially lost THREE MILLION YouTube subscribers

14 May 2019, 12:23

James Charles loses 3 million subscribers after Tati Westbrook drama
James Charles loses 3 million subscribers after Tati Westbrook drama. Picture: @JamesCharles via Instagram, Social Blade

The James Charles vs. Tati Westbrook subscriber count has taken another turn...

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for James Charles, following Tati Westbrook's bombshell of a video, he's now lost way more followers than anyone ever thought.

On Friday May 10th, beauty guru and OG YouTuber Tati (GlamLifeGuru) uploaded a video titled "Bye Sister..." which called out James' recent behaviours. In the video, Tati detailed how she helped James and provided him with support when no one wanted to help him (following his ebola scandal) and then pulled him up on the Sugar Bear Hair vitamin situation that destroyed their friendship last month.

Jeffree Star calls James Charles a "danger to society" after Tati Westbrook drama

Over 39 million people have watched Tati's video (and over 39 million people have watched James' apology video) but it appears to have a huge impact on James' YouTube subscriber count.

How many subscribers does James Charles have now?

Before Tati dropped the video, James was the most subscribed beauty YouTuber with 16.5 million subs. His subscriber count starting to go down hill very quickly after the video was posted, losing well over one million followers within 24 hours.

And now, at time of publication, James has officially lost a whopping 3 million subs and has now dipped below the 14 million subscriber milestone. His sub count is also still going down. As of 11am GMT, he has 13.5 million subscribers.

James' drop in subs now means that Jeffree Star is, once again, the most subscribed beauty YouTuber on the platform.

James Charles subscriber count via Social Blade
James Charles subscriber count via Social Blade. Picture: Social Blade

How many subscribers does Tati Westbrook have now?

It seems as though everyone who has unsubscribed from James has gone and subscribed to Tati because she has gained almost FOUR MILLION subs since posting the video.

On Friday, just before she posted the video, Social Blade reports that Tati had 5.9 million subscribers. Over the weekend, she hit the 6 and 7 million milestones - where Jeffree Star congratulated her.

By Tuesday 14th May, she had 9.6 million subscribers. The number is still rising and she could hit 10 million in the next few days.

Tati Westbrook subscriber count
Tati Westbrook subscriber count. Picture: Social Blade

In other subscriber news, Gabriel Zamora, who Tati named in her video and called out for getting involved in the drama has also lost around 30k subscribers of followers following the drama.