Gabriel Zamora calls Tati Westbrook a "fraud" as he defends James Charles

15 May 2019, 16:03

gabriel zamora james charles
Picture: Twitter: Gabriel Zamora / Instagram: James Charles
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Gabriel has become one of the few voices defending James Charles

Beauty YouTuber Gabriel Zamora has dipped in and out of the still-unfolding James Charles drama, with a range of opinions - now settling on apparently somewhat defending James.

That makes him one of the few creators who is standing up for James, after he was attacked by Tati Westbrook in a blistering 43 minute video earlier this month.

The whole drama actually somewhat began with Gabriel, who stood up for James, before Tati released her now infamous video. Originally, in reference to their burgeoning feud, Gabriel had said in a video:

"All these videos are being made where James is made out to be this horrible human being, and I'm just confused as to what happened. Oh it's about 'loyalty.' It's the 'loyalty' aspect of it. For me, it looks like someone posted IG Stories. And, someone cried.

I'm, like, confused because what did James do?...Well, Sugar Bear Hair was around before her. Homeboy is exclusive to her?"

Of course, after Tati's video, things have only got worse for James. He has lost over three million subscribers, been called out by fellow creators and former friends, and even had his online merch store taken offline - possibly on the orders of Jeffree Star.

Meanwhile, Tati has rapidly gained subscribers - and even recently passed the ten million subscribers milestone, thanks to people rallying behind in the drama.

Now, Gabriel has weighed in again after Sam Cooke, the waiter that Tati mentioned in her original video, made a video of his own, where he accused James of harassing him and questioning his sexuality.

Gabriel questioned Sam's authenticity - particularly in relation to a screen recording he took of a video call with James Charles - something he did before the Tati drama all started. Gabriel is suggesting that Sam is being opportunistic because he is mad at James.

In a tweet, Keemstar also decided to weigh in on the Sam Cooke video, for some reason. Gabriel shared his tweet.

Keem tweeted:

"Straight men are NOT bi curious. if you are bi curious you are definitely not straight. No 100% real straight guy is going to make out with a dude to see if he likes it."

This is in reference to Sam, who said he willingly kissed James Charles "for about an hour" and then later decided he was straight. It seems that Gabriel also takes exception with this narrative.

The drama is still unfolding and we'll be the first to let you know if there are any developments.