Grayson Dolan denies rumours that he's dating James Charles

15 October 2018, 14:29 | Updated: 16 October 2018, 16:37

James Charles Grayson Dolan
James Charles Grayson Dolan. Picture: Social Media

By Chandni Sembhi

Grayson Dolan has revealed the truth about their relationship.

Grayson Dolan, Ethan Dolan, James Charles, and Emma Chamberlain are a YouTube foursome made in heaven. They're the best of friends who have been constantly plagued with speculation about their actual relationships - with each other.

There have been rumours circulating that Ethan and Emma are dating for ages, and so naturally, rumours have also started cropping up about Grayson Dolan and James Charles. (But so far, sadly, no relationships have been confirmed by anyone.)

People started speculating about Grayson and James earlier this year, when stans started analysing and making conspiracy videos about their body language and relationship. But in a recent lie detector test video posted by the Dolan Twins, Grayson has officially squashed the rumours and set the record straight.

In the video, the twins asked each other a range of deep and personal questions while hooked up to professional lie-detecting equipment. James Charles tweeted in a question, asking Grayson if he would marry him, and although Grayson said no, the lie detector wasn't buying it.

The twins then addressed rumours by confirming that Grayson and James are NOT dating, with Ethan saying: "Alright, we don't need to make that rumour any bigger. Should we just say that Grayson and James are obviously not f*cking dating? Should we just say it?"

"Right? It's pretty apparent," replied Grayson.

So there you have it. But that didn't stop them from having a bit of fun with it on Twitter though. James tweeted Grayson later in response to his lie detector answer with a simple: "I do." And Grayson asked if he had to sign a pre-nup.

Despite denying the rumours, the stans still LOST it on Twitter and responded to the brand new information in the most hilarious ways.