James Charles Just Ripped Off This Popular YouTube Show And It's BOLD

9 April 2018, 10:57

Fans respond to James Charles' new show
Fans respond to James Charles' new show. Picture: YouTube // James Charles

By Josh Lee

The YouTube makeup guru got dragged on Twitter once fans clocked the similarities.

James Charles has been feeling the fire on social media these past few days, after fans of a popular former YouTube show realised his new series took more than a little inspiration from it.

On April 1st, James debuted a brand new YouTube show called the "James & Ian Show" which sees him and his younger brother Ian discuss all manner of subjects, which are brought to life with zany, quick-fire editing. It sounds like the recipe for the perfect YouTube show, but there's just one problem - it already exists.

RuPaul's Drag Race fans will notice that James' new show is exactly the same as Drag Race alums Trixie and Katya's YouTube show "Unnhhh," which was later picked up by Vice TV as "The Trixie And Katya Show." And boy did they let James know that they'd clocked the similarities.

After the backlash, James admitted to taking "major inspiration" from Trixie and Katya's show, and promised to build on the original concept to create something new in the future. He also added that he did credit Trixie, Katya and their editors in his video's bio.