James Charles just schooled a radio host who said he didn't know who he was

28 January 2019, 14:13

james charles lbc radio james o'brien
James Charles called into James O'Brien's LBC radio show after hearing his name live on air. Picture: Instagram: James Charles

By Woodrow Whyte

Watch the hilarious moment James Charles met James O'Brien.

As you might have seen over the weekend (Jan 26), James Charles was greeted by thousands on fans in the UK to open a new Morphe store in Birmingham.

James caused quite the stir on his brief visit to the UK. Birmingham city centre came to a standstill on Saturday morning after 8,000 fans flocked to the Bullring centre - one of the biggest shopping centres in the UK. The BBC reported that motorists were stuck in gridlock traffic from 15:00 until 19:30pm and some abandoned their vehicles overnight.

While James is certainly internet-famous, he's yet to become a household name, especially in the UK, which meant many people were left wondering who the hell this guy in makeup causing all this traffic.

Several media outlets in the UK ran stories around 'who is James Charles' and this morning, LBC talk show host James O'Brien, was also asking the same question - and James Charles just happened to be listening to the show in an Uber and called in.

"My Uber driver turned on the radio to the biggest station in the U.K. and they were talking about our meet and greet saying he had no idea who I was" wrote James on Twitter. "So I tried to call in AND GOT THROUGH & educated him on the sisterhood omg"

James and James then had a truly iconic conversation

LBC's James O'Brien admitted that he had not heard of James previously but was keen to learn more about him and how exactly he managed to cause such a frenzy in Birmingham, asking: "is it normal for 8,000 people to turn up whenever you are attending a shop?"

"Surprisingly yes", James replied, "it's been amazing."

"Forgive my ignorance, James", O'Brien said, "why do so many sisters love you so much?"

James says he is "working super, super hard and following his dreams" which he calls "very relatable for a lot of young kids who want to work hard."

O'Brien observed that it cannot be make-up skills alone which lead to Charles being able to excite so many people - "they must have warmed to your personality".

Charles agreed and gleefully told the radio audience all about his recent successes, including his collaboration with Morphe.

He also said that he wants to come back to the UK "very, very soon."

James Charles went on his way to catch a flight, leaving the LBC host to comment, with a smile: "what a lovely moment."

And it was! It's refreshing to see a conversation about YouTube that is positive and entirely without snark. We are sister smiling ourselves.