James Charles hits back after he's called out for Photoshopping his pictures

21 March 2019, 15:51 | Updated: 21 March 2019, 15:57

By Jazmin Duribe

He just can't catch a break.

James Charles has just been facing criticism left, right and centre lately – and now he's clapping back. First, fans were pissed over the excessive ad breaks in his YouTube videos and now he's having to defend himself again over Photoshopping his photos.

James Charles claps back at backlash over his excessive ad breaks

Basically, James has been accused of overly Photoshopping his images – something he's never denied, tbf. The particular photo in question was of a makeup look James shared on March 7, which featured turquoise stars in the inner corner of his eyes.

James Charles addresses Photoshopping his pictures.
James Charles addresses Photoshopping his pictures. Picture: Instagram: @jamescharles

Lets be real, James slayed this look. However, the YouTube beauty guru was accused of altering the image because his eyes were identical, the lines were defined with precision and the colours were more vivid than how they looked on his Instagram Story.

A fan exposed him with a video – which has since been deleted – showing the edits on James' photo. It read: "so disappointed in @jamescharles for this...sis you're such an artist i've admired and followed U for so long & gained so many followers because you recreated one of my looks but you've dead ass let me down. We would rather see imperfections than literal Photoshopping ur eyes."

People thought it was unfair that he is getting away with drastically editing his photos, whilst influencers with smaller followings would be cancelled for it.

James – who openly edits all of his photos with Facetune and Photoshop – clapped back at the haters and admitted that he flipped one eye over to the other.

He said: "No? Lmao I photoshop all of my photos. It didn’t photograph the way I wanted it to so I flipped one eye to the other still looked amazing in person."

Nonetheless, James' fans defended him and applauded his openness.

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