James Charles accidentally revealed a dramatic new hairstyle

15 August 2019, 16:30

James Charles revealed a dramatic new hairstyle on Instagram
James Charles revealed a dramatic new hairstyle on Instagram. Picture: Instagram: @jamescharles

By Rachel Finn

What a transformation.

James Charles may currently be known for his deep brunette locks, but judging by a new post he accidentally shared to his Instagram story, that might all have changed.

The YouTuber apparently made the classic mistake of accidentally sharing a video of a new hair transformation to his Instagram Story instead of a shared group and now we’re dying to see just what the final stage of his new hair looks like.

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“Omfg I’m so fucking stupid lmao I tried to post that on my close friends and wasn’t paying attention,” James tweeted after accidentally sharing the video, with three clown emojis.

Though his hair currently looks like it’s a platinum blonde shade, he captioned the clip ‘halfway there’, meaning we still can’t be sure what the final shade will be.

Predictably though, fans are freaking out at James’ new look.

“His. Hair. Is. Bleached. Very. Very. Light. Blond. And. Hes. Only. Halfway. There…” one wrote, while another v. excited fan added: “WE LOVE SISTER STAINED WHITE HAIR”.

Another simply commented: “sISTer SnaPPed omg”.

We’re not too sure if James will be planning to stay a blonde shade or is just bleaching his hair so he can dye it a brighter colour later, but either way we can’t wait to find out.