James Charles teases his first store and a new tour

23 April 2019, 11:42

james charles tour 2019 store
Picture: Instagram: James Charles / Twitter: @idfkmon
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

James Charles is continuing his streak of being the busiest man on the internet. The chap with the assless chaps not only appears to have his own store on the way, but also a tour that would span the whole of the United States, and possibly beyond.

An eagle-eyed Australian Twitter user spotted a storefront with the words 'Hi Sisters..." and the date '3.5.19'. Seeing as Australia uses the correct date system of going 'day, month, year', we can see that the store will be opening on the 3rd May this year.

This was later confirmed by James himself on his Instagram story, where he said:

“Alright my Australian sisters, I have a very special announcement today. After thousands of comments, questions, DM’s, tweets (and) emails, I am here to confirm the rumours. We are officially opening the world’s first ever Sisters pop up shop at Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast.

I was there last year and I literally had the most magical week of my entire life and I fell in love,” he said.“I am so beyond excited for you guys to get to the store. I’m ready for your guys to sister shop.”

Naturally, Australian fans are pretty hyped.

But that's not all, James also has another big announcement on the way for his Sisters, and judging by his clues, it looks like it's going to be a tour. James tweeted:

"in tomorrow’s video there will be an announcement coming that i’ve wanted to make for DEADASS 2 years now... 🥰🚙🇺🇸"

Fans took a look at the emojis used in the tweet - a car and a US flag and deduced that James was probably hinting towards a US tour.

This would be a little bit of a disappointment for his international fans, but judging by his new Australian store and his recent trip to the UK, it doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility that James might take himself on a little sister safari around the globe. We'll just have to wait and sister see.