People Are Saying James Charles And Kylie Jenner LIED About Their 'Bare Face' Selfie

9 October 2018, 16:01

James Charles Kylie Jenner
Picture: Twitter

By Chandni Sembhi

James Charles and Kylie Jenner have basically broken the internet with a SELFIE.

New mother and reality TV queen, Kylie Jenner, is filming a video with YouTube's resident queen of makeup, James Charles. Two worlds are colliding. Bible.

To celebrate their magical collaboration, James tweeted a photo of the two, captioned 'bare faced sisters 👼@KylieJenner'. He probably thought it was a cute selfie (which it is), and a completely innocent caption. Turns out, it wasn't as innocent as he had hoped. People on Twitter went CRAZY and now, James Charles is in the middle of YET ANOTHER storm.

He really can't stay away from the drama, can he?

It wasn't the selfie that people really had the issue with - it was the caption and what it suggested: that James and Kylie are bare faced.

Bare faced usually means no makeup, and some people don't believe James is actually not wearing any makeup (apparently he doesn't have any freckles but in the picture, freckles are CLEARLY present). The pair also been called out because their 'bare faces' still have eyebrow tinting/microblading, lip fillers, eyelash extensions, and more. People have argued that this creates an unrealistic standard of 'natural beauty'.

After all these tweets started to surface, James and Kylie stans came to the rescue, calling their critics out for being *dramatic*, and for making a big deal out of what they thought was nothing.

So, that's the tea. Do you think people are overreacting? Or do you think Kylie and James should be allowed to post what they like? Let us know!