James Charles Said He's Not Paid Enough And People Are Furious

9 August 2018, 11:21

james charles paid money
james charles paid money. Picture: Instagram: James Charles
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

James took to Twitter to complain that YouTubers should earn the same money as

James Charles has taken to Twitter to discuss how much 'big YouTubers' are paid, prompting a variety of responses from his followers.

It started with James complaining that people don't realise how rich YouTubers really are

Which is confusing when we move on to his next arguments, but stay with me here.

He then argues that the line between traditional celebrities and YouTubers is increasingly becoming blurred, which is certainly very true.

He then argues that there is a 'pay gap' (not the best choice of phrase but oh well!!!) between YouTubers and traditional celebrities. He says that YouTubers are paid a 'fraction by advertisers' of what other celebrities are paid.

So it was a mixed bag of opinions all round - and the responses from other users was similarly mixed. Some supported James and agreed with him:

While others were... less sympathetic