People think Jeffree Star has taken down James Charles' merch store

15 May 2019, 12:14

jeffree star james charles sister apparel
Picture: Instagram: James Charles / Jeffree Star

Jeffree owns the company that produces James' merch and now fans think he's got something to do with the disappearance of the site.

James Charles' official online store has apparently gone down, and some people think Jeffree Star might be responsible.

The website for Sisters Apparel, which describes itself as "the official clothing brand of American internet personality, makeup artist, and model James Charles" is suddenly no longer accessible. In screenshots posted to Twitter, people have shared images of a message on the site saying that it's "currently under construction." As of 12pm GMT, it's impossible to get onto the site.

Fans now think that Jeffree could be the one who pulled the plug - but why?

Sleuths online have linked this occurrence to Jeffree - and the evidence is pretty damn compelling.

You see, Sisters Apparel is part of Killer Clothing, a company owned by none other than Jeffree Star. This theory was bolstered by the fact that the logo for Sisters Apparel has been removed from Killer Merch's list of official 'Partners'.

Why would Jeffree do this? Well no doubt you've heard that James Charles is in hot water with the YouTube community this month, following a scathing video released by his former friend and mentor Tati Westbrook.

Since the video there has been a wave of backlash against James, including more than one straight man announcing publicly accusing James Charles of being inappropriate towards them.

James has lost three million YouTube subscribers since the video dropped and Jeffree, who is very good friends with Tati, was among the creators who appear to have turned their back on him since the Tati vitamin drama.

Jeffree even labelled James, in a now deleted tweet, a "danger to society". Ouch.

Now it seems like Jeffree has put his money (or rather, James' money) where his mouth is, by banishing James' merch from his distribution company.

Jeffree has not said anything official yet, but if he does, we'll be the first to let you know.