James Charles is being called out for 'disrespectfully' using a Ouija board

25 October 2018, 14:33 | Updated: 25 October 2018, 14:34

James Charles
James Charles. Picture: YouTube

By Chandni Sembhi

James Charles is being criticised for the way he used a Ouija board in his latest video.

Beauty YouTuber James Charles is always doing crazy things like low-key harassing Shawn Mendes and buying insanely huge houses. His latest *thing* is using Ouija boards in his videos! In his latest video 'A Ghost Does My Makeup', James uses a Ouija board to guide his makeup choices. He asks his resident 'ghost' (his friend Cassie) a series of questions, moves the planchette around the board whilst being really dramatic, and then the 'ghost' hands him brushes and products and things. It quickly becomes clear that the video is a Halloween-themed joke, and that he's not actually trying to contact the dead.

James probably thought this was a really funny and creative idea for a video... but he was wrong.

The video got an unusually high number of dislikes, around 20,000 more than an average James Charles video. This might be down to the fact that James used a Ouija board, and we all know that the afterlife should NOT be messed with. People were upset about James using the Ouija board for a joke-y video, when they can be quite serious and dangerous, especially when used incorrectly. Has James not seen that horror film series 'Ouija'?? (In all seriousness, some people have strong beliefs about Ouija boards and how they should or shouldn't be used, which James probably didn't realise when filming the video).

Some people were also put off by the Ouija board being in the thumbnail, probably not wanting to get spooked when watching a makeup tutorial, which is fair enough.

So let this be a lesson to us all: don't mess around with Ouija boards, because they can be dangerous.