James Charles and PewDiePie just teamed up for Keemstar's Minecraft competition

2 July 2019, 13:44

James Charles / PewDiePie
James Charles / PewDiePie. Picture: Instagram: @jamescharles / YouTube: PewDiePie

By Rachel Finn

The duo teamed up for Keemstar's 'Minecraft Monday'.

James Charles and PewDiePie have teamed up as part of Minecraft Mondays to game together as part of a competition which pits some of YouTube’s biggest stars against each other.

Though James Charles’ original attempt at streaming on Twitch was a bit of a disaster, he’s managed to come back to the site to play Minecraft alongside PewDiePe as part of Keemstar’s ‘Minecraft Mondays’ which sees popular YouTube battle against each other.

James Charles recently launched his streaming channel ‘JCharlesBeauty’ on Twitch, whereas PewDiePie streamed the match on his usual streaming platform DLive. You can watch the full stream on either of the respective streaming channels or see some highlights below.

The duo are part of one of eighteen teams taking part in Keemstar’s Minecraft Monday competition. The goal is for each team to accumulate the most points by being one of the last teams standing, securing wins, and collecting eliminations.

The rules for the Minecraft Monday competition are as follows: for every Elimination a team gets +10 on their score, whereas Victory Royale nets a squad +30 to their total. The top two teams get +20 score while the top three teams get +10 score to their name. Surviving a game will get someone +2 score, but “whenever a team is eliminated all other remaining teams earn +2 score.”

James Charles tried to launch his first stream this week but it lasted less than a minute thanks to trolls that invaded the stream - with this stream, it looks like he’s figured out how to moderate his channel and has got the spammers under control.