Sam Cooke speaks out against James Charles

14 May 2019, 17:28 | Updated: 14 May 2019, 17:36

sam cooke james charles
Picture: YouTube: James Charles / YouTube: Sam Cooke

In a new video, Sam said that James is "the worst kisser."

After days of receipts and tea spilling over James Charles and Tati Westbrook's fallout, the waiter who was referenced in Tati's video has now spoken out about what really happened.

Sam Cooke posted a response after Tati Westbrook mentioned him in her highly critical video of her former friend James Charles. The video has prompted a huge backlash against James - with the beauty YouTuber losing over 3 million subscribers in a matter of days and being unfollowed by a number of his former friends.

"I'm here today to talk about my past with James Charles", he says. He goes on to give more context to the story which Tati referenced in her own video, about James flirting with a male waiter. This waiter was Sam. Sam says he didn't know who James was at the time, but did notice him watching him all through the meal.

The next day Sam private messaged James and the pair exchanged flirty messages - which he shows throughout the video.

Eventually James invited Sam to come to his hotel room. Sam says: "At that time I was bi-curious" and so he went along to the hotel. After a watching a movie for a while, James asked if they could kiss and Sam said they could. They then kissed for "around an hour", with Sam commenting that James is "the worst kisser".

Sam then says: "He didn't want me to leave... He kept telling me to stay."

Later, Sam said he had realised he was "pretty sure (he was) straight". At the time James was offering to fly Sam out to see him. Sam says he told James he was straight and that if he went, James needed to understand that it would only be in a platonic capacity. James then declined his offer and cancelled the trip.

Sam said James then became sad and started posting about him on social media. James then apparently started telling Sam that he (Sam) wasn't straight. James then offered to fly Sam out again and Sam declined. He says "I didn't want to use him for his money or his fame".

"He still went on to say that I was bisexual or gay and attracted to him when I had told him different... that went on for a long time." Eventually Sam asked James to stop talking to him.

Sam says things were made worse when he found out that James was also talking to Gage Gomez. He says the knowledge that "he was playing two straight guys" really got to him, and that they no longer speak.

Reaction to Sam's video has been mixed