James Charles denies his sex tape leaked AGAIN after fresh rumours

6 February 2019, 10:44 | Updated: 11 February 2019, 12:12

james charles sex tape
Picture: Instagram: James Charles

James Charles has denied that his sex tape leaked.

UPDATE (Feb 6): James Charles has been forced to denied his sex tape leaked AGAIN after a fresh round of rumours started circulating on social media.

Last week (Jan 30th), James had to address rumours of a sex tape, which he insisted did not exist, after rumours began spreading like wildfire that a video was being circulated. Now the rumours have picked up again, despite very little evidence of any video, and James has another iconic clapback for people looking for the video.

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Writing on his Twitter, James joked: "If my sex tape ever DID leak you all would know because i'd be posting it everywhere fully monetized with 34 mid-roll ads". We can definitely believe that!

He also quoted tweeted his original tweet, adding: "bringing this back because apparently it’s going around again lol"

There doesn't seem to be any actual evidence of a video other than people claiming they've seen it which, let's be real about this, is probably just people trying to get attention. What's new?


Original story:

James Charles has addressed rumours that a 'sex tape' featuring him is making the rounds on Twitter.

Twitter users began to start whispering this week that a James Charles sex tape had found its way online, but James was quick to deny that it was a tape of him - or that a tape of him could even exist.

James took to Twitter and said: "Apparently my sex tape is going around!!??? this is exciting news to me considering i'm still very much a virgin lol."

Whiiich is a pretty definitive way of denying a sex tape. Pretty hard for there to be a tape of you having sex if you've never, you know, had sex. That's probably one of the most bulletproof ways to prevent this situation.

Some found the feat impressive. I mean, making a sex tape as a virgin? That's some next-level stuff.

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