Shawn Mendes DM'd James Charles After He Apologised For "Harassing" Him

5 October 2018, 12:27

James Charles
Picture: Instagram / Twitter

By Chandni Sembhi

Shawn Mendes has responded after yesterday's drama with James Charles.

Yesterday, the internet was losing it over Shawn Mendes' apparent James Charles shade but now it seems like the drama has been completely squashed.

In case you didn't already know, everyone's fave Canadian singer-songwriter, Shawn, abruptly ended an Instagram Live video right after YouTube beauty queen James commented 'can u juggle me like that'.

Fans assumed he stopped the feed due to James' comment and rumours started to spread with people claiming that Shawn allegedly doesn't like James because he's always commenting 'weird shit' on his stuff.

James later got wind of this and was hurt by all the comments, and the fact that he supposedly made Shawn feel uncomfortable. On Twitter, he apologised for his comments, and said he's been a fan of Shawn's for years. His intentions were never to hurt anyone, he was just joking.

James said he would never want to make anyone uncomfortable or feel like they've been sexually harassed.

It turns out James didn't need to feel bad at all. A few hours later, the situation was all cleared up when Shawn slid into James' DMs, writing: "Sorry about all this, I've never said I don't like you or that you make me feel uncomfortable."

So that's that, Shawn thinks James is funny and LIKES him. CUTE! So hopefully this is the end of that drama, James can continue admiring Shawn, and we can all move on.