James Charles responds after fans call out his "outrageous" tour prices

25 April 2019, 15:08

james charles sisters tour prices
Picture: James Charles, Sisters Tour
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

James has responded after fans were upset at the high ticket prices for his upcoming tour

James Charles has responded after backlash against the high ticket prices for his upcoming 'Sisters Tour'.

The YouTube star announced his brand new cross-country US tour earlier this month, but soon faced criticism from some fans, who felt that the ticket prices were excessive. James is setting off on the tour at the end of June and will travel around the United States until the end of July. The show is set to be '90-100 minutes' long and will likely feature appearances from some of his fellow creators.

Tickets for the tour start at around $60 (depending on the venue) and rise to as high as $500 (plus taxes and fees) for the most premium ticket - the 'SISTERS VIP', which includes a variety of premium add-ons.

james charles tour prices
Picture: James Charles, Sisters Tour

Some fans, and even fellow creators, took to Twitter as soon as the prices were announced and expressed their dismay at the high costs.

James was quick to respond the outcry, tweeting:

"I'm currently talking to my team about the ticket prices. I understand the frustration and want everyone to be able to attend, but please understand that is VERY EXPENSIVE to drive across the country with an entire team of tour staff & put on shows at huge venues all summer long."

He went on to say:

"The venues hold several thousand people, because a tour has been in high demand. Trust me, I wish I could see everyone, but it is physically impossible to meet thousands of people daily, which is why there HAS to be different ticket packages. I PROMISE YOU that I'm trying to...

"lower them to be as affordable as possible. I personally am doing this tour for fun and to say thank you, but please remember there is a huge team and company working hard on this tour that have to be paid and have to make a profit as a business. I will keep you all posted. xo"

But some fans did not accept this explanation, and pointed to other, similar tours which had much less expensive ticket prices.

We'll have to wait and see how the situation resolves itself, but it seems that James is committed to trying to fix the problem and make his tour as accessible as possible, so hopefully there will be some positive updates soon.