James Charles "updated" his tickets but they're still $500

26 April 2019, 15:27 | Updated: 26 April 2019, 15:29

james charles ticket prices sisters tour update
Picture: James Charles

James Charles made some tweaks to his tickets after fans complained

James Charles has updated his fans after backlash over the high prices of some of the tickets for his 2019 'Sisters' tour.

Tickets for the tour come in various tiers, with the cheapest sitting around $50-60 (depending on costs and the venue) and the highest going all the way up to $500. Fans hit back at these prices, arguing that similar nationwide tours by big bands and creators did not have such high prices.

James argued that the high prices were necessary because of the costs associated with taking a large scale show on the road across the US for a month. He insisted that his goal was not profit, but merely the covering of costs.

"UPDATED TICKET INFORMATION 💞 Hopefully this answers a lot of questions, comments, and concerns. I am sorry that we disappointed many of you. We have worked very hard to put this tour together and want it to be accessible for everyone & an amazing experience no matter the ticket."

But he added that prices would not really be changing (despite that being the main issue that fans had with the ticketing). James said:

"to clarify, i begged my team to change prices but because of contracts with the venues, it was not possible. instead, i made sure meet & greet was more accessible and ensured that the highest ticket was worth the price. i'm sorry i can't make everyone happy, i'm trying my best."

This explanation did not sit well with a lot of fans, who felt that James had not addressed their biggest concern (prohibitive cost).

A handful of users also claimed that James had blocked them on Twitter when they spoke out against the ticket prices.

But others did felt that James had acted reasonably, and argued that people did not have to spend the maximum amount on the tickets unless they wanted to.

So it seems the drama continues. We will be the first to let you know if there are any updates.