People are leaking texts allegedly sent by James Charles after the Tati drama

17 May 2019, 12:34

james charles texts dms
Picture: Instagram: James Charles
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

People have started to leak the messages they have apparently been sent by James Charles.

James Charles' week just seems to be getting worse. Following accusations made by his former friend and mentor Tati Westbrook in her bombshell 43 minute long video about James, the beauty YouTuber has been under fire for his inappropriate comments toward straight men (who he knew were straight) and sending unsolicited thirsty messages to a wide range of guys.

Singer Zara Larsson even accused James of attempting to slide into her boyfriend's DMs - although she later walked back this accusation and apologised.

Let's look at a rundown at the supposed conversations that have been shared:

Carmie Sellitto

The Daily Mail reports that James Charles tried to, quote, "seduce" English YouTuber Carmie Sellitto "with flirty texts and had him question his sexuality."

Carmie Sellitto said: "James kept telling me how I was the hottest guy he ever laid his eyes on. James made me question myself. He asked me, 'Are you sure you aren’t gay or bi? Are you sure?'"

He also released a video titled 'My Experience Dating James Charles' in which he discussed their relationship and showed off screenshots of text exchanges they'd had:

Sam Cooke

Sam Cooke - the "waiter" mentioned by Tati in her original video, has said that he had the beginnings of a romantic relationship with James, but when he realised he was straight and told James, James refused to leave him alone and continued to pester him. You can read more about this in our full breakdown of that story here.

Jay Alvarrez

Influencer Jay Alvarrez, shared some screenshots to Instagram which appeared to show conversations with James Charles. Jay Alvarez captioned the post: "people give this kid too much props. He got no game."

After sliding into Jay's Twitter DMs with a a "hi daddy", Jay asked James why he was talking to him. When James replied simply "lmao you're hot", Jay clarified "I'm straight as could be".

jay alvarrez james charles dm text
Picture: Twitter: Jay Alvarrez

Sebastian Javier

Sebastian Javier tweeted a thread of messages between himself and James. He explained his impetus for doing so, saying:

"i’m really not one to start drama, i just thought i would speak up about my experience with james charles. it’s not okay to force your sexuality on others & hopefully this will give people the message that it IS okay to speak up & talk about it. you are not alone."

In the messages, Sebastian says that you can see that James continued to be "flirty" with him despite Javier telling him that he was not interested in him.

Grayson Dolan

Fellow YouTuber and James' (apparently former) friend Grayson Dolan apparently also got a DM from James - although this screenshot was not shared by Grayson himself and could well be fake, so take it with a pinch of salt. It appears to show James jumping into Grayson's DM's unprompted and saying "hi daddy". Grayson, for his part, seems happy to chat.

grayson dolan james charles dm leak
Picture: The Tab

Gage Gomez

Gage Gomez was the first person to speak out against James Charles in this recent wave of backlash. Gage accompanied James to Coachella and the sight of them together prompted many fans to assume that they were an item. This is also apparently what James felt, but not Gage.

Gage says that James was inappropriate towards him. But James fired back against this with a firm but polite rebuttal, in which he did not attack Gage but accused him of changing the story and leading him on.

There have also been some leaked conversations between the pair of them that have come out, which you can see in this video (but again, these are hard to verify, so take them with a pinch of salt):

James has seen a hard backlash since Tati's original video. He has lost over three million subscribers on YouTube (while Tati has rapidly gained subscribers and even hit the ten million milestone). James has also seen his online store taken down - possibly by his former friend Jeffree Star - and found himself abandoned by the 'Sister Squad' of friends he used to hang out with.