James Charles responds to backlash over his use of phrase 'the house' in new video

27 March 2019, 14:34

James Charles is being roasted over this explanation of 'the house'
James Charles is being roasted over this explanation of 'the house'. Picture: @JamesCharles via Instagram/James Charles via YouTube

By We The Unicorns

In a now deleted tweet, James defended himself after people dragged him on Twitter.

James Charles is being called out on Twitter after a clip from his new video went viral.

In a new video, James decided to do his make up in alphabetical order - which was fun! Now, rather than going through the actual alphabet and applying products corresponding to the letter, James alphabetised his usual routine instead - starting with 'baking' and ending on 'setting spray.'

James Charles claps back at backlash over his excessive ad breaks

In the video, he also decides to clue his fans in on the 'Sister Dictionary' (basically an A-Z of James Charles), throwing his signature phrases and favourite words like 'Hi Sisters' and... 'beefy' (?) into the mix.

It's all fine and good until he gets to the letter 't'. For 't', James uses the phrase 'the house' and then proceeds to explain what it means to his fans. But his explanation was not quite correct and now people are calling him out over it.

James says that 'the house' is by far one of his "favourite things to say right now." But his explanation for the phrase?

"I heard about it from another YouTuber named Rich Lux," James reveals. "Basically, any time something is very something else, you can say it is 'the house'."

He then went on to use the phrase in a sentence: ""Oh my god, it's very very cold outside!" It's cold, the house ... 'The house' is the new best way to put emphasis on anything."

A Twitter user cut the clip from the video and shared it on social media where it's gained quite a few likes and RT's... and a bit of backlash.

What does 'the house' mean?

Various replies to the original viral clip point out that the full phrase is actually 'the house down.' It stems from drag culture and was coined by the late Erica Andrews.

You might have also heard the phrase on RuPaul's Drag Race. 'The house down' and/or 'boots' (or 'the house down boots', if you will), is slang for adding an exclamation point to a sentence or to emphasise something. Manila Luzon has described the term like this: "The House Down" = ! "Boots" = ! "The House Down Boots" = !!!"

Twitter users also called out James for not knowing the history of the phrase, with one person writing: "As a gay person, I am disgusted. The phrase is “the haus down boots” and was coined by the late, great Erica Andrews. You’re gay, and whether I like it or not, a fairly famous gay guy. As representation for the community, you’re responsible for knowing your shit."

Others went ahead and shared their own opinions on the viral clip, creating memes and expressing their concern over the correct attribution to the phrase (particularly considering the backlash Cardi B just copped for trademarking "Okurrr") and generally just roasting his explanation in general.

Instead of dragging James on social media, others saw the opportunity to teach him about the LGBTQ+ sub cultures and history that he may not be fully aware of. James is only 19 years old, after all.

In a now deleted tweet, James responded to the "dragging" saying:

"hey @ gays i’m aware that the full phrase is “house down boots” from erica andrews/drag culture! in my vid i simply shared a short version that i’ve been hearing a lot. glad many of you chose to drag me for likes instead of educating me/other lgbtq kids that may not have known! 🏳️‍🌈"