James Charles says he wears thongs in public for a very significant reason

24 July 2019, 15:01

James Charles
James Charles. Picture: Instagram: @jamescharles

By Staff

"It’s always just about pushing new boundaries..."

James Charles may be best known for his make-up skills, but he’s no stranger to serving up some pretty excellent wardrobe choices as well.

From assless chaps to see-through tops and glittery tights, James’ looks can definitely turn a few heads, with his Coachella outfits this year being particularly notable.

Now, in a new interview with Seventeen, James has spoken about some of his previous outfits and shared his reasoning behind his daring wardrobe choices.

"Clothing I feel like for me is subjective – clothing has no gender obviously and for me it’s just all about feeling confident and feeling body confident, too," he said.

He may seem to have a lot of confidence on camera, but James admitted confidence in his identity is something he's still working on.

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"I’m not the most confident in my body. I don’t know why, my identity is something that I’ve always struggled with. Like obviously I’m a boy in makeup – but I’ve always enjoyed very feminine things and I’ve tried to educate myself more about gender identity and societal stereotypes and stuff like that," he continued.

"So for me it’s always just about pushing new boundaries and making myself uncomfortable in ways where I can kind of like force myself to be more confident and to love who I am."

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DAY 1 🌈

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DAY 2 🍑 no razor bumps in sight

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When asked about his favourite outfit of all time, he said his white look at Coachella was his fav.

"By far my [favourite look was] day two look at Coachella with like the all-white assless chaps look. That was like my favorite look I’ve ever done. It was inspired by my favourite drag queen ever Pabllo Vittar ... So I just truly felt like I was taking over Coachella in that outfit and I felt so confident."

In other James Charles news, he recently teamed up with PewDiePie to take part in Keemstar's Minecraft competition.