James Charles claps back at Tinder after they keep deleting him

7 March 2019, 17:57

james charles tinder deleted
Picture: YouTube: James Charles
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Love is hard enough at the best of times

James Charles has called out Tinder after the dating app apparently repeatedly deleted his account.

In a now deleted tweet, James @'d Tinder and said:

"hey @Tinder can you please stop deleting my account that I'm paying for??!! maybe if your customer service that I've emailed 4 times didn't fucking suck we could've avoided this!!!!!"

james charles tinder
Picture: Twitter: James Charles

Fans asked James if he could get himself verified on Tinder, to help avoid this problem in future. But James replied that he didn't want to, because he doesn't like being verified on dating apps and the way it can change how people treat you. He said:

"It is true. I’ve been verified before on this exact account which is why I’m even more confused. I don’t want a blue checkmark, it leads to very uncomfortable conversations & me not knowing people’s true intentions."

Tinder replied to James' original tweet and he then took it down, indicating perhaps that the matter had been resolved (at least for now).

But that didn't stop him also blowing a shady kiss towards Tinder's rival company Bumble:

"hey @bumble ily just wanted to let u know"

It's an interesting peek into what it must be like being a world famous creator trying to navigate the already tricky world of dating. Sister stressful.

James has had a hell of a 2019 so far. Not only did he bring out thousands of fans during his UK visit, he also schooled a radio host live on air and had a hilarious comeback to accusations that he has a sex tape floating around.