James Charles apologises after receiving backlash for "transphobic" comments

15 April 2019, 12:37

james charles transphobic video comments
Picture: YouTube: James Charles
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

James came under fire for comments he made in a new video

James Charles has apologised and offered an explanation after making comments in a video which some viewed as transphobic. The beauty YouTuber made an offhand comment about trans men in a new video, which some have viewed as offensive and dismissive.

In the video, titled 'THE TRUTH... My Crush Does My Makeup', while discussing his sexuality, James said that he's not necessarily "full gay" because:

"there have been girls in the past that I've thought are really, really beautiful, there's also been like, trans guys in the past that I was like really, really into for a moment in time."

One Twitter user clipped the moment in question:

This caused backlash from many people, who viewed it as a comment on trans men not being real men. The fact that James, a person attracted to men, would view attraction to trans men as an exception to that, seems to imply that he does not view them equally to cis men.

James took to Twitter to apologise and explain his comments, saying:

"in attempt to explain the very complex concept of sexuality (& mine) in my vid today, I unintentionally implied that my trans brothers & sisters arent valid. this is NOT what I was trying to say. you are valid in your identity!! I apologize & should’ve chosen my words wiser!"

Some fans were satisfied with this explanation and voiced their support for James.

However, not everyone was satisfied with this explanation. One reply to his tweet, which garnered over 3,000 likes, stated:

"you said that being attracted to trans men makes you less gay. this tweet does NOT cover what you said even slightly. you fully implied that trans men are not real men. you can spout “you’re valid” bullshit all you want but that is NOT why people are mad at you."

Another said:

"As a trans man: fuck this apology. It in no way makes up for what you said. I have friends who really look up to you, and I worry what your words will mean for how they view me. You have to make up for this in actions, not words. We all know which is louder."

While a further tweet stated more generally:

"if you aren’t trans, then stop accepting his apology. what he said doesn’t concern you if you aren’t trans; therefore, it’s not your apology to accept or deny"

So it seems the matter is still somewhat unresolved, and James might need to take some further steps in order to smooth things out.