James Charles' first Twitch stream was shut down in less than a minute by trolls

1 July 2019, 14:53 | Updated: 1 July 2019, 14:55

James Chalrles Twitch
James Chalrles Twitch. Picture: Instagram: @jamescharles / Twitch: JCharlesBeauty

By Staff

Spammers caused the YouTubers first Twitch stream to be cut surprisingly short.

James Charles recently took to live streaming site Twitch to chat with fans - but his first broadcast was shut down in less than a minute due to toxic viewers.

The plan was to go live with his first stream on 28th June as part of the launch of his JCharlesBeauty Twitch channel, but the stream had barely got started before James had to stop broadcasting.

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Instead of being inundated with messages from fans, the stream was hijacked by spammers, who filled the chat with penis-themed text art and posted ‘egg emotes’, which are usually associated with the popular gaming streamer Mitzkif.

“There’s too many people spamming this. So, we need to block the word ‘eggers’ whatever that means,” James explained during the first few seconds of the stream as he tried to figure out how to moderate the chat. A few seconds later, the stream ended and was replaced by a screen that said: “Be back soon sisters.”

James didn’t keep the video of his livestream uploaded to the site, but some viewers kept clips of the stream and uploaded them to show the moment James had to shut down the stream.

He originally announced he would be joining Twitch by responding to a tweet by Keemstar, which said: “Yo @jamescharles I have a spot open in #MinecraftMonday you down?” James replied: "Making a @twitch right now... let the hunger games begin."

It’s not certain yet when (or if) James will return to the streaming site, but if he does, we can only hope he gets some moderators in place for next time.