Jeffrey Star's Tattoos, His Model Mum & Others Facts You Didn't Know

25 April 2017, 15:34 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:25

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By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Prepare to be wowed!

Jeffree Star is one of those creators who divides an audience like no other. On one hand, he's sassy, savage and rather talented with a liquid eyeliner pen; but on the other, he's notorious for a history of bigoted comments and getting into feuds with the likes of Kat Von D.

Jefree Star facts

Whether you're a fan of the shrewd businessman and Internet personality or not, we've done a round up of some of the most surprising Jeffree Star facts that even those who love-to-hate him will enjoy.

As wonderful as it is, Jeffree Star is not the creators real name. Jeffree was born Jeffery Lynn Steininger.

jeffree star facts

Jeffree's mother, Laurie, was a model and raised her son entirely on her own; after Jeffree's father passed when he was just six years old. As a result, Jeffree went on modelling assignments with his mum on a regular basis and it was here he picked up his love of makeup and beauty.

jeffree star facts

Growing up in Orange County, Jeffree always had his eye on fame. When he was young, he used fake ID to sneak into Hollywood clubs. Wearing mini skirts, huge platform heels and flawless makeup, Jeffree seriously stood out and met a lot of celebrities who would then ask him to come to their house and do their makeup.

jeffree star facts

Younger fans will know Jeffree from his YouTube career and beauty line; but he actually became big thanks to Myspace. Jeffree began uploading music to the platform and debut EP was released in 2007. You won't be surprised to know it was called "Plastic Surgery Slumber Party".

jeffree star facts

Jeffree Star has a crazy amount of tattoos; too many for us to even count. Among his works of body art, some noteable tattoos include a portrait of Audrey Hepburn (done by none other than Kat Von D), a portrait of Princess Diana and the words "cats" and "meow" across his knuckles. We're not entirely convinced there's a part of himself he doesn't have tattooed...

jeffree star facts

Do you know any surprising Jeffree Star facts? Let us know in the comments below.

jeffree star facts

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