Jeffree Star Hit With Homophobic Abuse From Logan Paul Fans After Calling Him Out

5 January 2018, 12:52

Jeffree Star // Logan Paul
Jeffree Star // Logan Paul. Picture: Jeffree Star // YouTube

By Josh Lee

Logan's fans sent insults to Jeffree's DMs after he spoke out about the suicide forest vlog controversy

Jeffree Star is the latest YouTuber to be attacked by Logan Paul fans after the makeup artist called out his controversial suicide forest video.

Jeffree, who has faced a number of his own controversies during his YouTube career, tweeted "Some people will do anything for views... Disgusting" on January 1st, just two days after Logan shared a vlog featuring footage of a suicide victim's body in Japan's Aokigahara - sometimes known as a "suicide forest," because of the unusually high number of people who take their lives there. He also reacted to Logan's apology video, tweeting "You are a really bad actor... Piece of shit."

In the days following, Jeffree began to receiving homophobic abuse in his Twitter DMs.

He shared some of the harassment to Twitter, which included messaging repeatedly using the word "gay" as an insult, and asking if he has a vagina.

One Logan Paul fan messaged Jeffree saying, "Jeffre [sic] star f*ck you Logan is not a jerk you are a jerk u freaking c*nt so shut your mouth and go to hell you dumb b*tch boom."

Jeffree seemed unfazed by the harassment, however. He tweeted "Never a dull moment around there..." shortly after publicising the messages on Twitter.

Jeffree isn't the only YouTuber who's been subjected to discriminatory harassment after criticising Logan Paul. This week, YouTuber Reina Scully was hit with racial abuse after posting a video calling out Logan Paul's now-deleted vlog.