Jeffree Star had $2.5 million worth of makeup stolen and the story is wild

3 April 2019, 16:15

jeffree star 2.5 million makeup robbery stolen
Picture: YouTube: Jeffree Star
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

"This is the biggest theft I have ever experienced in my entire career"

Jeffree Star has posted a new video in which he reveals that he had $2.5 million worth of makeup stolen from one his warehouses - and that he is now working with the FBI to track down people who are selling the stolen items on the black market.

"In today's video there is no humour, no sarcasm, just a story, a confession that I have to tell you" Jeffree begins. He says "the last month of my life has been an insane rollercoaster of emotions" and goes on to say that "the things that I am about to tell you have been my nightmare, that I have been living with for a few weeks now".

He goes on to recount how thieves got into one of his Jeffree Cosmetics warehouses through the roof and stole millions of dollars worth of unreleased new products, including his new Magic Star concealer. Listings soon then started appearing online as people tried to flog the pilfered items.

Fans have been offering Jeffree messages of support:

Jeffree says he is cooperating with law enforcement to catch these thieves and black market sellers, saying: "we’ve tracked down some of the product but there are still so many units floating around there".

Happily, he won't experience any actual monetary loss from the theft because, in his own words" "bitch has full-coverage insurance". he said.

Jeffree still plans to launch his new products before the end of April.