Jeffree Star has been turned into an Area 51 meme and it's hilarious

16 July 2019, 15:32 | Updated: 16 July 2019, 15:33

Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star. Picture: Instagram: @jeffreestar / Jeffree Star YouTube

By Rachel Finn

Jeffree Star is headed to Area 51 to break out his long-lost alien friends, apparently.

Well, it’s another day on the internet and everyone has been sharing their favourite Jeffree Star and Area 51 memes.

In a weird twist of two internet meme worlds colliding, you may have seen some of these memes appear on your timelines and it all started when Jeffree posted these two alien themed tweets.

Why is everyone talking about Area 51 suddenly?

If you’ve noticed your feeds suddenly full of jokes about Area 51 and aliens and have no idea what is going on, let us explain.

Area 51 memes have been popping up all over your timelines due to a joke Facebook event called ‘Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All Of Us’. Having been the centre of alien conspiracy theories for years now, over 1.3 million people have now said they are ‘attending’ the event at Area 51, which is taking place on Friday, 20 September 2019 at 03:00-06:00 PDT.

"We will all meet up at the Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction and coordinate our entry. If we naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Lets see them aliens," the event's description reads.

How does this link to Jeffree Star though?

As you may know, Jeffree Star released an eyeshadow palette called ‘Alien’ last year and has previously referred to himself as an alien, saying in the documentary he made with Shane Dawson: "I'm just Jeffree. Everyone calls me he/she/whatever they want to call me, I'm an alien.”

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A L I E N 👽 P A L E T T E All 18 shades and the entire @jeffreestarcosmetics holiday collection will be revealed tomorrow!!! 💚 I wanted to push the boundaries of traditional makeup campaigns and channel all of our inner weirdos.. My grandfather was the first person to ever call me an #alien when I shaved my eyebrows off in 10th grade and it stuck with me 😍 Nate and I are obsessed with space, X-Files and all things extra terrestrial.. and now I’m his lil alien 👽 I can’t wait to share a lot more images & swatches from these campaigns and dive into this collection together... Photo by: @jessyjphoto Special FX makeup by: @georgetroester @rbfx & @sashaglasser Beauty makeup by: @lipsticknick Set design: @keithboos #jeffreestarcosmetics #alienpalette

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These two things together have created the perfect space online for people to meme the impending Area 51 stampede with Jeffree Star’s alien status.

For example, does this mean all aliens would look like a different Jeffree?

Perhaps this is some real-life footage of Jeffree breaking the aliens out?

I mean, this could really happen....

Shane Dawson would also be there, of course...

...and there would plenty of new alien pals to add to the #JeffreeStarPRList.

Aliens need to learn to save the planet too.

Very realistic description of what Area 51 is like here.

It looks like Jeffree has been planning plenty of alien looks already...

And we’re sure the aliens would welcome Jeffree back with open arms.

(if aliens have arms… who knows?)

Basically, we're not really sure whats happening anymore, but we're also not entirely sure if that matters. See you at Area 51 in September!