People are committing identity fraud to sell stolen Jeffree Star makeup

17 April 2019, 11:59

jeffree star bethany mota stolen makeup
Picture: Instagram: Jeffree Star
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

It's amazing how far some people will go to get hold of Jeffree's makeup.

Jeffree Star is still being plagued by people prepared to take criminal action to get hold of his new makeup products. Jeffree previously suffered a break-in at this warehouses where over $2.5 million worth of items were stolen.

Jeffree then had to deal with a company that seemed to be selling on these stolen products - and now it seems that scammers are using identity theft to try and shift pilfered items.

It all started when Twitter users started reporting that YouTuber Bethany Mota appeared to be selling stolen Jeffree Star products on the fashion marketplace Poshmark.

Beauty news source TrendMood explained the situation saying that:

"This PR package was supposed to be sent to me by @JeffreeStar. These people have been stealing my identity + other influencers identity & selling our stolen PR products / boxes on poshmark. Brands beware!"

A Twitter user then specifically asked about Bethany Mota's supposed involvement and Trendmood clarified the situation, saying there was:

"No connection except a poshmark account with her name (not confirmed who’s account it actually is)"

So it seems that Bethany has also fallen victim to scammers.

Jeffree replied to this all with the message:

"This is fucking crazy!! I’d love a night off lol"

Bethany Mota hasn't commented on the issue, but she also hasn't tweeted at all since the end of March - and is almost certainly not even aware that any of this is happening.

Knowing Jeffree and his mighty legal team, this will prove to be nothing but a small bump in the road - but still! Rough month for Jeffree! Guy really can't catch a break!