Jeffree Star posts graphic video of his "botched" plastic surgery being fixed

11 February 2019, 17:43

jeffree star surgery video
Picture: YouTube: Jeffree Star
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Warning: this video contains graphic surgery footage

Jeffree Star has posted a very raw video of him having his 'botched' lip surgery fixed.

Jeffree had teased the video at the beginning of February, posting a lengthy Instagram post in which he revealed that he had had "botched" plastic surgery "ten years ago". Now he has released an extremely intimate new video in which he gives viewers the chance to watch his recovery process in real time.

Jeffree explains that back in the day, Jeffree "wanted fuller, bigger lips". He had a doctor recommended to him - and he goes to on to say that he regrets "ever meeting" that doctor, let alone letting him perform surgery on him.

It took him over a year before he realised that the surgery had gone wrong, leaving his lips in a state that left him constantly unhappy. He decided that he had had enough and went ahead with this new surgery.

The video features some pretty grisly details - do not watch if you do not have a strong stomach, because you will be seeing lip surgery happening right before your eyes.

Reaction to the video was mixed

"I hope this video can help other people", Jeffree says, "please do your research."

What do you make of this video? Were you brave enough to watch it?