Jeffree Star responds to a fan who was in a car crash wearing his makeup

11 April 2019, 11:40

Jeffree Star/car crash
This woman has gone viral after crashing her car in Jeffree Star's lipstick. Picture: YouTube/JeffreeStar/Twitter:@Voltaireon

By Jazmin Duribe

We've heard of sweat proof, but car crash proof? That's new.

Jeffree Star has always been confident about the quality and staying power of his products, and now we know why. A woman has gone viral after her Jeffree Star Cosmetics lipstick survived a horrific car crash.

Taryn Elise shared a photo of her mangled Mini Cooper on Twitter, following a serious accident. "If anyone is curious about how well @JeffreeStar lipstick holds up I was just in a car accident and there are lipstick marks on the airbag but my face is OK," she tweeted, alongside a photo of her lipstick pressed into the airbag.

She also shared a selfie with her Unicorn Blood lipstick perfectly in tact. Not quite your average makeup review, but hey, it clearly works.

She later confirmed she was doing okay following the crash. She added: "Mini update!! I am doing Ok! Still shook but am in my doctors office waiting for an examination! I definitely feel it but am so thankful for all the lovely messages!

"My face took on an airbag and survived!! Never experienced that and uh--- 0/10 do not recommend.

"Just got back from the doctor - I'm A OK. Learned you can get a concussion without impact to the head so that's interesting... (Just was told to keep an eye out for a concussion, not saying I have one)."

People couldn't believe she escaped the incident unscathed and she continued to update everyone on her condition.

Luckily, Taryn's unintentional review clearly caught Jeffree's eye and bagged her a freebie.

He replied: "Holy shit!!!! So glad that you're safe and ok!! DM me, would love to send you a #BlueBlood palette to cheer you up!"