Jeffree Star shares emotional video after his dog Diamond dies

12 June 2019, 13:11

Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star. Picture: Jeffree Star YouTube / Instagram: @jeffreestar

By Staff

“My heart is broken in half right now..." Jeffree said.

Jeffree Star has shared the sad news that his dog, 9-year-old pomeranian Diamond, has died.

Fans started speculating something might have happened to one of Jeffree’s pets yesterday when he posted a tweet about being heartbroken, saying: “My heart hurts so fucking bad right now... it’s hard to breathe.”

Jeffree has now confirmed the news that the tweet was in relation to one of his dogs Diamond, who sadly passed away while he was on holiday with his boyfriend Nathan Schwandt.

Posting to Instagram, Jeffree wrote: “My heart is broken in half right now... Nathan and I have to share with you the devastating news of the passing of our 9-year-old baby girl Diamond. Words can’t begin to explain the loss and heart ache we are feeling right now... for a third of my life she made me smile every single day. And to wake up this morning and not have her smiling back at me hurts so bad... I love you little Lynn. You will forever be a part of me.”

Jeffree has also posted a video explaining what happened in more detail. Apparently, Diamond had been having various health problems for the last eighteen months but things started to get worse while Jeffree and Nathan were on holiday. The couple started looking for flights home but then were told by Nathan’s friend, who was looking after Diamond, that she had passed away.

Now back home, Jeffree and Nathan said they’ll be taking some time off to “celebrate her life”. You can see the whole video below. Be warned, there’s lots of adorable footage of Diamond :( We wish Jeffree and Nathan all the best.