Jeffree Star body painted the Dolan Twins and everyone is shook

20 February 2019, 16:20 | Updated: 20 February 2019, 16:53

dolan twins body paint jeffree star
Picture: YouTube: Jeffree Star
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Regular paintings are QUAKING

Jeffree Star has recruited the Dolan Twins for a body painting video project.

Jeffree headed over to the be-muscled twins' house, where he told them he was going to attempt to paint clothing onto them (what I refer to as a 'standard Saturday').

Jeffree said he heard the pair were planning to body paint themselves and decided he could do one better, so he called up "the queen of body paint" lipsticknick to come and help him transform Ethan and Grayson.

Jeffree wrote beneath the video:

"Today I'm going over to the Dolan Twin's house for for the first time! We've never all hung out before so I thought what better way to start a friendship off by body painting them head to toe in makeup that looks like real clothes! Shout out to Nicole, George and Sasha for being a part of this video and making magic happen!!"

dolan twins body paint
Jeffree and the Dolans with the finished product. Picture: YouTube: Jeffree Star

The twins stripped off so that they could be immediately re-clothed, but using paint instead of cloth (are you following along? It's a really simple concept, I don't know why we're explaining this so much).

The twins were painted using spray-on paint and some careful brushwork to bring out the details on the shirts. "What do we do about my nipples?" a twin asks (I can tell them apart, don't worry about it).

"We'll have to cut them off", jokes Jeffree.

Naturally, fans were very on board with the idea. Who would have thought that the Dolan Twins taking their shirts off for an extended amount of time would be video content that people would be fond of.

It just goes to show the old saying is still true: 'sometimes you need to spray paint on a twin, or else your village will be cursed for a hundred years.'

Jeffree has already had a very busy year. He is currently working on a palette with Shane Dawson and he also went under the knife on camera to get 'botched' lip surgery fixed.