Jeffree Star is seriously beefing Huda Beauty and it's savage

25 October 2018, 14:25 | Updated: 25 October 2018, 14:30

Jeffree Star Huda Kattan
Jeffree Star Huda Kattan. Picture: Instagram

By Chandni Sembhi

Jeffree Star just threw some major shade at Huda Kattan.

The queen of makeup (and drama), Jeffree Star, always seems to have drama with someone. It looks like he still hasn't run out of people to feud with, as of yesterday, he is beefing yet another member of the beauty community. Surprise surprise. This time his opponent is YouTube makeup guru Huda Kattan/ Huda Beauty.

Yesterday, makeup artist Cole Carrigan tweeted that at just 3pm he's already had PR emails from Huda's makeup brand, Huda Beauty, among various other brands. Jeffree then replied with all the shade in the world. He told Cole to use products from someone with a soul. Cole responded and said Huda's products were going straight into a giveaway. Ouch.

If you're wondering what sparked the shade, Huda and Jeffree have never exactly seen eye to eye. In July this year, Jeffree accused Huda of stealing the packaging and marketing concepts for her Easy Bake Setting Powder from a small independent makeup brand called Beauty Bakerie. Jeffree then apparently reached out to Huda to talk about this over Instagram DMs, and informed her that the owner of Beauty Bakerie is a mother and cancer survivor. He also noted that Huda is not only stealing ideas, but refusing to even acknowledge it. Huda replied, and really didn't actually say anything meaningful, she just deflected and wished Jeffree the best.

Because of this, Jeffree called her an embarrassment to the beauty community, and called her out on her alleged issues with people of colour and the LGBTQ+ community. Since then, they hadn't really spoken and nothing was said about the drama - until Jeffree's comment yesterday.

Huda hasn't responded to any of this, but given her lack of a response to their beef last time, it's probably safe to say Jeffree has had the last word.