Jeffree Star Just Threatened To Sue Walmart And TBH You'll Understand Why

1 February 2018, 11:31

Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star. Picture: Jeffree Star

By Josh Lee

Jeffree Star said his legal team have "reached out."

Jeffree Star is threatening to sue American superstore chain Walmart after he accused them of selling counterfeit versions of his makeup.

On January 30th, Jeffree shared a picture of Walmart's online store, which displayed a product claiming to be "Jeffree Star liquid lipstick." But according to the man himself, the lipstick is not a genuine Jeffree Star product.

"Allowing 3rd party companies to sell counterfeit nasty FAKE makeup on your website is illegal. And also highly dangerous," Jeffree tweeted at Walmart.

He went on to say, "My legal team has reached out and we want answers."

Pointing out the dangers of counterfeit makeup, Jeffree also tweeted, "I have bought several fake Jeffree Star products from a few websites and I’m having it tested by a chemist to show you how deadly these products are… Video coming soon. Lawsuit coming soon."

Over on Snapchat, Jeffree continued to speak out against the alleged counterfeit products.

"I logged into and yes, they are allowing third party companies to submit fake cosmetics to their website and they are allowing it to be sold, which is so illegal."

"When Walmart is willing to sell dangerous cosmetics and they don't care? Girl, can we say 'lawsuit?'" he added.

Jeffree went on to say that fake makeup has "rat poison," "lead," and "cancerous ingredients" in fake makeup. All the more reason to do your research before buying cosmetics from just anywhere.