Jeffree Star apologises to James Charles in his 'Never Doing This Again' video

20 May 2019, 13:54 | Updated: 20 May 2019, 13:55

By Jazmin Duribe

"I think this will be one of the most important videos that I ever upload."

When the James Charles and Tati Westbrook's drama started to bubble over, Jeffree Star was one of the first to unfollow James Charles on social media. The YouTuber had been close friends with him beforehand and Jeffree also has a friendship with Tati. Jeffree then labelled James a "danger to society" in a now-deleted tweet and even got into it with James' younger brother Ian on Twitter.

James later called out all of Jeffree's claims in a very, very long video titled 'No More Lies', and included some of the text messages Jeffree had sent him. James also expressed how upset he was that Jeffree had attacked his brother on Twitter.

Tati Westbrook apologises to James Charles and takes down her "Bye Sister" video

After that went viral, Jeffree called the video "manipulative, weird and calculated" on Snapchat and confirmed he would be sharing his own video too. Jeffree then got on Twitter and threatened to expose more about the situation that was going on behind the scenes.

Jeffree Star's James Charles video.
Jeffree Star's James Charles video. Picture: YouTube: Jeffree Star

"Everyone keeps asking me for my RECEIPTS…. I have so much to say and some really sad, disgusting things to show you guys," he tweeted. "James Charles tried to mass manipulate you all today. When I show you the proof and WHY I tweeted that tweet about him, you will all finally understand." Yep, it seemed like that friendship was pretty much over.

Well, the video is here – but it's not what you think. Instead of spilling some piping hot tea, Jeffree apologised and put an end to the feud, insisting he's not going to come for James... sorry, what?

"Today I know what people want. They want me to sit here and degrade James," he explained in the video, titled Never Doing This Again.

Check out Jeffree's video here.

"They want me to open up my phone and expose it all. I'm done doing that. I'm willing to bite the bullet and let anyone think what they want. But today I will not be posting voice memos, I will not be posting text messages. I will not be exposing anything more. This has to stop."

Jeffree also admitted that he inserted himself into the drama when he shouldn't have.

"I'm embarrassed by my own actions," he added. "I could have handled things differently, what I should have done is vented all my feelings to James. I know Tati got to do that. She had private conversations. I didn’t do that. I should have been mature enough to say, 'Hey, I love and care about you. I’ve heard X, Y, and Z about you. I’ve seen some things I didn’t like. Here's my feelings.' But guess what, I didn’t. And that’s my first mistake."

Jeffree Star's deleted tweet.
Jeffree Star's deleted tweet. Picture: Twitter:@JeffreeStar

Jeffree finished by announcing he was going to take a little break from social media and by apologising to Ian, James and his fans.

He continued: "Yesterday took me back to the old Jeffree and I was in a very dark place, I sat there for hours and it started to get really dark in my head. What I mean by that is you guys know me for being brutally honest, keeping it real… A lot of you have seen some brutal tweets and text messages. Because I sent those things it does not mean I hate James Charles. Are we the best of friends? No. But we had a connection and I think I mishandled our friendship."