Jeffree Star Fans Are PISSED After Being Blocked During His "Social Media Purge"

20 October 2017, 10:28 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 13:27

Jeffree Star called out

By Josh Lee

We're confused.

Controversial beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star embarked on a social media blocking spree this week,  inadvertently blocking a fair few genuine fans in the process.

On October 17th, Jeffree revealed that he had completed a "social media PURGE and unfollowed/blocked all the fake pieces of shit in the beauty community." But unfortunately it seems as though some of his supporters were caught in the crossfire.

Some fans who had supported Jeffree through his numerous controversies felt particularly burned by being blocked.

One wrote, "I sat here and defended Jeffree Star when he called my kind 'n*ggers' AND spent my $$ on his lipstick just for him to block me later one?" Another, who described themselves as a "loyal fan" was dismayed to find themselves blocked as they'd "never done anything to him."


Why did Jeffree Star block so many people?

It looks like it all started with a row between fellow beauty YouTuber Charles Gross, after Charles threw a little shade at Jeffree despite having previously called himself a fan. On Snapchat, Jeffree said he was "growing and changing mentally," which led to the purge. "It's okay to unfollow people," he told his Snapchat followers. "I don't always want to address things... and I shouldn't have to," he added. So it looks like the unlucky fans may never find out why they've found themselves frozen out.

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